The Cultural Centre “Aristotle of Stageira”

• Cultural Centre “Aristotle of Stageira” is a Civil Non-Profit company established according to the provision of Article 741 of the Greek Civil Code.
• Cultural Centre “Aristotle of Stageira” was created at the foothills of the Mount Stratonikon, in the homeland of the great philosopher Aristotle, in a region where is the natural gateway of one of the greatest Ecumenical culture lighthouses, the Holy Mountain (Mount Athos), with the intention of highlighting this highly endowed place to a region of global radiance.
• Cultural Centre “Aristotle of Stageira” was founded with an orientation of universal human values, which its members are asked to defend and pass them on: the deep belief in the ideals of Human Thinking, of Democracy, of Philosophy, of Arts and of Creation, with the prospect that these values should enlighten people on a worldwide scale.

Aims and objectives
• The aims of the Cultural Centre “Aristotle of Stageira” are beneficial not-for-profit, cultural, intellectual, artistic, scientific, humanitarian, knowledge transfer, protecting the environment.
• Main objective is to operate in society in an effort to upgrade cultural creation. It is the development of every form of intellectual, cultural, artistic and scientific endeavor, the support and participation in any humanitarian effort, the support of environmental initiatives, the provision of training of community groups, the initiatives and exchanges, and any intellectual contact will produce and promote cultural products within the framework of harmony between man, nature and spirit.
• Furthermore, it includes every activity in accordance with the wider notion of its aims as they are described in detail in its Articles of Association.
• The implementation of the objectives of the Cultural Centre “Aristotle of Stageira” will be pursued in a fair and lawful means in the context of peaceful rivalry of global intellectual cooperation.
• Main objective of the Cultural Centre “Aristotle of Stageira” is the establishment and operation of the “MADEMOHORIA ECOMUSEUM / Outdoor Mines Museum”, Cultural Routes and Centre of Research and Study of Mount Stratonikon”.
• The location of the Cultural Centre “Aristotle the Stageiritis” is in the current Municipality of Aristotle (former Municipality of Stageira-Acanthus and former Community of Stratoniki). Specifically, in Stratoniki, Chalkidiki while there is a branch in Thessaloniki.